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One of the great joys of listening to NPR is not knowing where the next story will take me. Will it be the Steppes of Mongolia? A prison in Alabama? The inside of the Federal Reserve?

Often embedded within these pieces are facts, figures, and fascinating trivia; but the smooth, dulcet tones of the reporter distract me, allowing the information to slip out the back. I will attempt to collect these morsels of hard data and post them here.

If you hear something, share something. But only the facts; not subjective thoughts, loose approximations, or unprovable claims.

Link: The first birth control clinic in the United States opened in New York City in 1916.

It was operated by Margaret Sanger, who started the clinic after becoming outraged that she couldn’t give her patients — poor women in the tenements on the city’s Lower East Side — information about contraceptive options. 

And when she was 8 years old, Sanger helped deliver her own sister. 

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