NPR Fun Facts


One of the great joys of listening to NPR is not knowing where the next story will take me. Will it be the Steppes of Mongolia? A prison in Alabama? The inside of the Federal Reserve?

Often embedded within these pieces are facts, figures, and fascinating trivia; but the smooth, dulcet tones of the reporter distract me, allowing the information to slip out the back. I will attempt to collect these morsels of hard data and post them here.

If you hear something, share something. But only the facts; not subjective thoughts, loose approximations, or unprovable claims.

Link: Sales of domestically produced hard cider have more than tripled since 2007.

Also, New York is the second-largest apple producer in the country.

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Link: Germans consume 28 gallons of beer per capita every year, far exceeding America's 21 gallons.

But despite consuming 2 1/2 billion gallons of beer last year, Germans are drinking less beer now than at any time since 1990.

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